Global Forum — Caring for Climate 2021
As part of the support of the International Initiative of the United UN Climate Change Dialogues 2020 (Climate Dialogues), the UN Global Compact participants convened the High-Level International Global Forum «Caring for Climate 2021» which will be held during the year from March 1 to December 31, 2021 in the form of a virtual online -marathon on the Internet platform:

The online marathon Global Forum — Caring for Climate 2021 aims to promote the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development including all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Official language of the online marathon is English. is an international high-level online virtual platform for meeting, open dialogue and exchange of experience between specialists in the field of sustainable development, climate protection, representatives of international organizations, government authorities, scientists, experts, business circles, politicians and businessmen from different countries of the world.

The online marathon aims to draw attention to climate issues, take urgent measures to protect the climate, develop proposals based on international experience to improve the efficiency of climate regulation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase energy efficiency.

The online marathon is not only an international forum for discussion, but it initiates economic, environmental, humanitarian, scientific, social, and political research. Participants and guests of the online marathon will be able to discuss the different points of view of all interested parties. The organizers of the online marathon believe that the world's problems can only be solved through interaction with all participants in the global society.

The online marathon serves as a platform for engaging, understanding and influencing the scientific and technological changes that change our way of life, work and relationships with each other. The world is an interconnected ecosystem, we believe that no problem is isolated — there are always effects and interdependencies that we systematically and carefully consider.
The online marathon at the Global Vision platform in the virtual space is an ideal independent, non-political, international platform for discussing topical international issues and establishing a constructive dialogue not only between individual countries but also between the business and scientific community.

The online marathon is focused on international cooperation, mutual enrichment, and integration of stakeholders into the global business space.

Online Marathon is impartial, independent, and not associated with any political, party, government or national interests.

For 2021, the functions of the Secretariat of the online marathon are assigned to the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EECO).

Since 2017, the international Secretariat of the online marathon has been a full-fledged, official member of the UN Global Compact.

As an international discussion platform with no commercial interests, Global Forum.Vision provides an independent online platform for the gathering of leaders from all stakeholder groups from around the world — business, government, and civil society.

Participants and organizers of the online marathon see one of their main goals as the consolidation of the world intellectual elite in order to develop solutions to overcome the crises of the world system.

The Secretariat of the online marathon actively interacts with leading world experts in such areas as international relations, global politics, ecology, climate, economics, security, energy, sociology, communications, and many others.

Leading world leaders, business leaders, government and political circles, scientists, experts, prominent thinkers, cultural and scientific workers, and journalists are invited to the plenary virtual sessions of the online marathon. The topic of discussion of the online marathon sessions is the most pressing global problems of climate preservation, including science, industry, health care and environmental protection.

The COVID-19 pandemic which has suspended economic activity and disrupted businesses around the world is enabling all people on earth to re-prioritize and rebuild their economies to become greener and more resilient to climate change.

Considering the wide geography of the participants in the Global Online Marathon, different time zones, as well as the restrictive capabilities of the participants and guests of the forum associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the international secretariat made an unusual (convenient) decision to hold the Global Online Marathon «Caring for the Climate 2021» in throughout 2021. All speeches of speakers will be organized in several modes: direct online performances, speeches using preliminary video recording, speaking using sound recordings, speaking in writing (in the form of presentations).

All online speeches and discussions will be broadcast live, recorded, and promptly posted as a video on the forum platform. Thus, all interested persons during the whole year, if they did not have time for some reason to attend a specific online session of the forum (despite the difference in time zones), will be able to record 24 hours, at any convenient time, to get acquainted with the speeches of the speakers or watch the presentation of the official partners of the online marathon.

From February 1 to December 31, 2021, all questions or wishes of the online marathon participants expressed using the DISQUS service (installed on the forum platform) will be recorded by the secretariat and promptly transmitted to the addressee. Disqus automatically detects and removes spam before it reaches the online marathon platform. DISQUS works everywhere and supports devices from desktop to mobile, including Google AMP. The discussion service is capable of supporting 70 world languages and counting votes.

More than 5,000 international media outlets are media partners of the online marathon.
Interested media will cover the holding and results of the Online Marathon — the Global High-Level Virtual Forum «Caring for the Climate 2021».

If the world does not act now, and decisively, the catastrophic consequences of climate change will be much greater than the current pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection, COVID-19.

Governments and businesses should use the lessons learned and opportunities from this crisis to accelerate the transitions needed to reach the Paris Agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015−2030, redefine our relationship with the environment, bring about systemic shifts and transformational change to become economies and societies with low greenhouse gas emissions and resilience to climate change.

Climate issues will no longer be limited to national borders. By nature, the climate ignores borders and spreads to entire continents. There is a need for international organizations, governments, business and creative community, experts, together with civil society institutions, to provide their expert analysis and experience in resolving such issues during the online marathon.